TOP 5 Reasons to be THANKFUL for San Diego Real Estate

We’ve got lots of reasons to be thankful this year, but here’s our top 5 reasons why we’re thankful for San Diego REAL ESTATE:


  1. The properties in San Diego will ALWAYS have value because San Diego is such a desirable place to live. We’ll never go bankrupt as a city, like Detroit, or have abandoned homes turn whole streets into “ghost streets” like Sacramento. While values can go up and down, there will always been worth to property in our city.
  2. Showing homes in San Diego weather is awesome! Fresh air, sunshine, a ride down coast highway… great! We’re glad to not be trudging through snow and scraping ice off the locks of vacant homes we’re showing to potential buyers.
  3. Mountains, coast, suburb, city, rural.. you name it and we’re selling it! What a treat to live in a place with such a diverse mix of communities and topography!
  4. Speaking of diversity, San Diego people are amazing. We’re lucky enough to work with people from all over the country and the WORLD, without ever leaving our city. Food, culture, perspective.. San Diego is rich with it all!
  5. We’ll admit it- we’re real estate junkies! We can’t get enough of San Diego’s interesting architecture and historical homes. We are so thankful to get to see so much creativity and history and creativity right up close.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? J



Cleve Shirley


Nuvilla Real Estate