Fall is Here!

Fall is hereThe season has officially changed to Fall. Will local market prices do the same?


You’ve probably noticed a lot of conflicting information about home values in San Diego county. The statewide home value has gone down, but certain pockets have continued to trend up. A lot of the market seems to be at a “stand still”, waiting for a clear indication as to which direction to go.

I don’t have a magic looking glass to say for sure what will happen; I can only speculate like everyone else. HOWEVER, what I can tell you is that every year (year over year), the market slows in winter. It is assumed that houses listed over the holiday season have more of an immediate need to be sold and will, therefore, accept lower prices in the interest of time. Every year, houses are held back from the market over the holidays for this reason. Additionally, people looking to buy often put their home search on hold over the holidays, wanting to regroup and start fresh in the new year when things “calm down”. Kids are off school, families are in town, there’s often too much chaos for many would-be buyers to make the move.

So what does that mean for us now in Fall? It means if you’re thinking about listing your home, and have been sitting on the fence about when to do it, the answer is NOW! The holiday season is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to list your home and generate interest with sellers who want escrow closed BEFORE the holidays, with the intention of being settled in by the New Year. Fall brings a sense of urgency to buyers who don’t want to be in the throws of escrow in December, but DO want or need a new home.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this perfect listing window. I look forward to planning with you soon!