WalkScore now on Nuvilla Home Search

WalkScore value slider

As much as we would like to take credit for this, we have to give all kudos to the guys at Front Seat for allowing us to bring this to you. One of my favorite new toys, Walk Score rates how walkable a home's location is. As described by the developer: "Walk Score helps people find walkable … [Read more...]

Lane Field Project: Coastal Commission Approval

Lane Field

The Coastal Commission unanimously approved the hotel project at Lane Field in Downtown San Diego. The vote was a follow up on an appeal made by the Unite Here Local 30 union and by government watchdog Ian Trowbridge to the state Coastal Commission. The $400 million project covers 5.7 acres and … [Read more...]

San Diego Relocation

Despite the global economic woes, a few segments of the local housing market remain strong. Opportunity seeking corporate transfers, second home buying baby-boomers, military transfers and geographic relocations continue to make modest but meaningful dents in the surplus of housing … [Read more...]