5 Myths and Facts about the RIGHT AGENT to Sell Your Home!

  1. Myth: Your agent has to be local to do a good job selling your house. With today’s technology, your agent absolutely does NOT need to service only your local area to successfully sell your home. Nuvilla Real Estate has successfully sold homes for clients all across San Diego county, and has even done out of county sales! The right agent knows how to access market data, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, how to analyze that data and apply that information to your home, specifically. Today’s GREAT AGENT isn’t the most “sales-y”. He is the most analytical, and is able to apply economics, mathematics, and good old experience to getting you the best deal. We pride ourselves on our unique ability to translate market facts and data into strong negotiation points for our clients.
  2. Fact: To get the best price, your home MUST be on the internet. Some people are worried about privacy and how easy it is for anyone to see “inside their home”, but that ease is exactly what you want when you’re looking for property exposure. More than 90% of buyers begin their home hunt on the internet. If you think about buying a pair of shoes online, only to see “item not pictured”, you know you wouldn’t buy those shoes. You wouldn’t do the extra work to find out what those shoes look like, even if the description sounded right. You’d move on to the next best thing, where you can see your starting place online. The same applies to home shopping. Information abounds and its important that information on your home be accessible and set up to make your home stand out. Nuvilla Real Estate uses a combination of online marketing to capture potential buyers searching for homes on the internet. We don’t stop just the MLS. We increase your property’s exposure through multiple sites advertising. This way, we secure the MOST number of interested parties.
  3. Myth: The photos of your property aren’t really that important; people will come out to see your home. This is a BIG one. Back to the online searching, if 9 out of 10 people see your home first on the internet, and your pictures are unappealing or straight out bad, your home will be passed by way more times than it should. Nuvilla uses a professional photographer for every listing, insuring your home looks its absolute best to potential buyers- be it online or in person.
  4. Myth: When hiring an agent, the most important thing is finding someone who will accept the least amount of commission. If an agent is making less money, they’re more likely to do less work, which means you secure less interest, which means you’ll likely receive a lower offer, which means you take away LESS MONEY, even though you’re paying less in commission. A good agent, is investing money into your home, upfront, before he’s been paid, with marketing and advertising costs. An agent on a “reduced commission” likely won’t put in money out of pocket as the will be less likely to mitigate those costs at closing. Here’s an example: If Bob Agent does no marketing, he sells your home for $300,000. His “reduced” commission is $6,000. Forgetting the other closing costs, this would net you $294,000. Nuvilla Real Estate puts substantial time and money into your home upfront, getting multiple offers from multiple parties. We sell your home for $350,000. Our commission is $12,250. Forgetting other closing costs, this nets YOU $337,750! Yes, the agent commission is higher, but in this scenario you would walk away with $43,750 MORE!
  5. Fact: Your agent should communicate effectively via phone, email, and text messaging. Other agents and potential buyers will be reaching out to your agent first for information on your home. You want someone who’s “connected” and doesn’t struggle with technology. Nuvilla Real Estate agents are glued to their phones (maybe too much!) and we use a call routing software that routes calls that aren’t answered in office to the cell phone of the agent associated with that number. We’ll never miss a call from someone who might be the perfect buyer for YOUR HOME!


For more information about Nuvilla Real Estate’s services, email our broker, Cleve Shirley – cleve@nuvilla.com .